Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sunday Special

You didn't think I'd make it did you? I know, I know - I've been starting a trend of not getting the Sunday Special up until mid-week, but this time I am on time - early even, and since Saturday also starts with 'S', I still have that nice alliteration I went on so about last time.

So, what great photo do I have for you this week? See for yourself.

This is Adam. Adam's shirt is on backwards. You need to understand something about Adam - no matter what you say, he will say it is the opposite. If I say "the sun shining", he will say "No it's not! It's dark out!" Even if clearly, the sun is shining. He just likes to be contrary - so no well meaning shows of concern for his psychiatric well being please. Anyway - I pointed out ever so helpfully that his shirt was on backwards, to which he replied, "No it's not!! My hands are on backwards!" Of course - why didn't I notice that? I thought this was a significantly rare phenomenon that it rated a picture. Apparently, judging from the expression on his face, backwards hands are kind of uncomfortable. Either that or his backwards shirt is strangling him.

OH - and the reason the photo is so blurry is because the kids got a hold of my new camera and fiddled with my settings - again. I now have several, hilarious, noisy and interesting videos of poor amateurish quality on my memory card. Fortunately, none of the videos involves the camera crashing to the ground or any of my children attempting to hang themselves upside down.

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