Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Deck the Halls

We put the tree up this weekend. The kids thought it was great and decided to drag out every box they could find that might have/had ornaments in it. Sadie even wanted to put her shoes on the tree when we ran out of non-broken ornaments. Jessi and Trent went through an entire tube of super glue putting together a few that fell apart. The funny thing is, for all that they craved more and more ornaments with which to bedeck the tree with, I find an awful lot of ornaments frequently on the floor and carried off to the nether regions of our domicile.

I find that for myself, a more "pared down" look appeals and was happy with just the lights, some garland and a dozen and a half well matched, proportionately placed ornaments. The kids however, with their enthusiasm for decorating, liked the mismatched, asymmetrical approach. I have to admit, I rather like the array of color. The constant redecorating of the tree however, I could live without and I am still rather perplexed by the appearance of one of our ornaments in the dishwasher.

The kids' yen for decorating their space has extended beyond the tree and I found a couple interesting and new contributions to the few bits of seasonal decor I had placed here and about.

Nathan had watched me with great interest, going about the livingroom putting this and that of Christmas decor here and there. This morning I caught a glimpse of him carefully placing his shoe just so on the cabinet.

Not to be outdone, Adam contributed the toy for the top of the piano. For, as we all know, nothing says "Seasons Greetings!" like a jiggly bunny toy that spins and makes noise.

Now, if we could just get a little of the white stuff, we'd be all set!

P.S. Yes, I caved and bought a new camera. If it hadn't been so close to Christmas, I might have let it go for a bit. I gave up a couple megapixels and it is not as "substantial" feeling as our recently retired camera, however, it takes pictures. But, shhhhhhhhh, don't tell Trent!


loribeth said...

Love the tree! And too funny about your kids' decorating efforts.

I also love the new family picture in the sidebar!

Janice Lois said...

Your Christmas tree looks amazing.