Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School - 8/13/09

I seem to be perpetually running behind. Yes, school started back up over a week ago. While other mothers managed to get grinning photos of their progeny plastered all over their blogs within 24 hours, here I am just managing to get around to mine.

No photos of Trent - we got up really early to take him to marching band practice. Here is Jessi, Sadie and Garrett all ready for school on their first day. It took me a few tries to get at least most of them smiling.

Here we are walking to the bus stop

Here we are waiting at the bus stop (Jessi rides a different bus that stops at a different corner.)

Here we are still waiting for the bus

And here we are walking home when it became apparent we missed the bus

In the car, ready to go to school for our first day!

I am slowly reclaiming my house from the busy summer and waiting for Adam to start PreK!