Monday, September 15, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away . . .

Sunday morning we awoke to this:

This is the field directly behind our house. You can see our chainlink fence and playset in some of the pictures. We figured the water was about 12-13 inches deep. The wind was blowing and created "waves" across this expanse of water. It did not come up into our yard however (we have a significant rise up from the lower portion of the yard to where the house actually sits) and later that afternoon had run mostly off. The storm drains and creeks nearby were just completely overwhelmed with several inches of rain in a very short period of time. The rain stopped about noon on Sunday and the drains had a chance to catch up a bit.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mother Regrets

I planned on reading you many books

I never planned on yelling so much

I was going to be the coolest mom ever

You would remember days spent at the park, the zoo, the library

I was never going to be too tired

If I had made half the outfits I planned on sewing you - there wouldn't have been enough days in the year to wear them all

You would always know how smart and amazing you are

There were going to be many days we made cookies together

I was never going to be impatient

I would listen twice as much as I talked

I was never going to be cross

There were always going to be crayons and playdough

There were going to be lots of games

I never thought there would be days I didn't know the right thing to do, or say

Everything you drew would be a masterpiece and carefully preserved

I would never be too busy

Music and laughter would always fill the air

I would dry your tears, not be the cause of them

I would never forget how precious you are

I would never forget to thank God every day for you

I would never wish you would just grow up

You would never doubt how much I love you