Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nathan's Adventures in Same Day Surgery

I had to get up really early.

Got my binky

And my zebra buddy - they gave me new buddies too, a couple of frogs!

I helped take this picture - see my finger?

They also gave me this really nifty bracelet for my ankle - I kept trying to take it off. Sadie drew smiley faces on my legs so that I would remember to smile.

"Ready to go?" the nurse asks. My part was easy, I got to sleep!

Afterward, mommy held me until I was ready to go home. Here I am in the car - new tubes in my ears, I can hear! I'm all ready to go now - got my buddies, my blanky, my binky, and my cup of juice.

The end

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sadie Rose Turns 6! (Belated Birthday Post)

Yes, I am a bum - a blogging bum. I plead camera woes. I plead scheduling woes. I plead my camera batteries died and I can't find the cord woes. I plead exhaustion. What??!! You say you don't care? You say you need your fix of cute little Schucklets - because what is witty prose in the face of such scrumptious chubby-cheeked cuteness? Okay . . . please accept my apologies for being a blogging bum and as a show of good will, I give you the following pictures to satiate your cravings for all things winsome. (And no, I did not save you a piece of cake - remember, I'm a bum!)

You may have noticed the wardrobe change. Poor Sadie, her birthday fell on Wednesday! Wednesday night is Cub Scouts, Young Woman and Older Scouts (and daddy gone to Scouts). We celebrated in shifts. I let her open one of her presents right after dinner before everyone left. Then I got them in pajamas (or not - since cake was involved!) and when everyone was home again, we finished our party.

As you can see, lots of pink, princesses and ladybugs! All things Sadie!

The Cake

Mama said use my spoon.

Now we are Six

Happy Birthday 6th SadieBug LadyBug
April 15th, 2009

(Now, that should hold you until I can get the Easter pictures up. No whining!)

Sunday Special - ala Monday May 12th

After 4 years and 22 broken brackets - bracefree as of 5/5.

Now we just have to make sure he wears his retainer like he's suppose to!