Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday's To Do List Tuesday Recap

Aside from the 176,892 loads of laundry and uploading the photos (okay, and the yelling - I have to admit to a wee bit of yelling) - I got through my to do list.

Washer working again.

After fussing and fretting a bit (since they put that darn resistor in a spot that is almost impossible to work in unless you have hands the size of a 2 year old and are double jointed), I got the new blower motor resistor installed in the van. Unfortunately, it is not the resistor that is the problem, but a $12 resistor vs an $80 motor seemed a better place to start. Especially since the motor is not a job I can do. (Dismantling my dashboard and then having to put it all back together again and have all those knobs, buttons and the radio work again afterward doesn't sound like something I want to dive into without my dad or an expert helping me.) Just my luck I lost that gamble. Though, I will say the old resistor didn't look so hot anyway, so we probably are better off.

We chased the dog who got loose around the neighborhood while I was covered in car grime and I proclaimed her the stupidest dog on the planet - which I assured her was not a good thing. At that point my 4 year old asked me if I was at crazy yet.

Oh honey, been and gone - been and gone . . . .

Off to do a lot of laundry now. If you don't hear from me in a while - send help. (and bleach)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday To Do List

Take apart washing machine again - install new spring, check other springs since I think I popped another one

Do 176,892 loads of wash (it really isn't that much, but sure seems like it)

Put brake fluid in car

Schedule appt to get blower motor resistor (please be the resistor, please be the resistor - not be the motor) fixed on van so I can at least defog my windows so I can see to drive - heat would be nice too (and a/c next summer as well . . .) OR find online tutorial so can DIY, find source for resistor

Attend two parent teacher conferences

Find the key I had made to unlock my bedroom door which I had to lock to keep the kids out of the stuff I don't want them to get into, which now I cannot get to either

Upload pictures of the latest messes the kids made (two words: cake flour) and the potatoes we grew in our garden

Make dinner

Have fun FHE with kids

Survive putting kids to bed

Keep repeating mantra "I will not yell; I will not yell; I will not yell - I WILL NOT YELL DANG IT YOU GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW AND STOP BUGGING YOUR BROTHER BEFORE I LOSE MY MIND . . . . I will not yell; I will not yell"