Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Special Feb. 15th - Valentine's Schmalentines, We Had a Birthday!

On Saturday, the Monkey House was abuzz - not with excitement over Valentine's Day, but because a certain little occupant of the Monkey House was turning 2!

Preparations were made. While I busied myself with the cake and a special meal, the kids busied themselves with special table decor. They've had plenty of practice drawing on the walls - so this was a piece of artistic cake.

The theme for this occasion was dinosaurs. Nathan has taken a liking lately to the scaly reptiles. Why? Well because dinosaurs are fun, big and noisy and they like to eat people!

A special meal prepared - all the preferred edibles for the little guy. Dinosaur chicken nuggets, homemade mac and cheese, pineapple and tator tots! For a 2 year old, he has a very discerning palate!

Present time!

Cake time!

Nathan was a little uncertain about the lit candle and just exactly what he was suppose to do about that.

After the cake was cut and served however, he had no confusion as to what to do next!

Nathan looking at Trent as if to say: "If you were any brother at all, you would hand over that cake to the birthday boy!"

Happy Birthday Sweet Little Man!
February 14th, 2009


Trinette McCrary said...

I can not believe he is 2! Where did the time go? Oh, mom's world!

loribeth said...

What a cutie! Did you make that cake yourself?