Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday Special Done Monday Style - Feb 23rd

Alright, I admit it - there is an awful lot of Nathan on this here blog, especially lately. What can I say? He's cute and sweet and often tastes like peanut butter and usually has a bruise or two on his forehead. Who wouldn't love all that? Besides, he's also growing up way too fast. He followed me into my bedroom this day, closed the door, parked himself on the floor and refused to leave until I took his picture. I made it black and white for variety and also to disguise the fact that he has a bruise on his forehead and a smear of peanut butter over most of his face.

I'm just going to have to tell the other kids it's time to bring on their A games if they want to make a Sunday Special, because there is just some stiff competition going on there.

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