Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pillow, I Hardly Knew Ye

Sunday morning when I woke her up - Sadie announced to me that she had thrown up. Now, given this is Sadie, the first thing I ask her is "what did you get into?" I couldn't find any evidence in her favorite hiding places suggesting she had gotten into any cough syrup or eaten an entire tin of my ginger mints followed by Matt's deodorant (yes, she has taken a bite of all three before) so I felt confident I didn't need to go have her stomach pumped. So, she stayed home from church. Since I got tagged to play the organ for the back up organist (which makes me the back up back up I suppose), followed by 2 hours of playing the piano in primary, to be followed by playing the piano for choir practice; Matt got the extreme pleasure of being the parent to stay home from church with the sicko. (I have a sneaking suspicion that he is starting to regret not having stuck with those piano lessons.) So he wouldn't get bored just having to tend to one sick spewing child, I let him keep Adam at home too (who was doing some spewing of his own - though out the other end, gotta love those intestinal bugs) and also Nathan, who had copious amounts of green goo issuing forth from his nostrils. I as forlornly and apologetically as possible, donned the requisite Sunday outfit and a pair of heels and minced off to church with the older three spewless, goo-less children. When I returned home, Matt was happy to report there was no more spewing of any kind and we figured all was good.

Monday night we got the dreaded 2 am visitor. "Mommy, I'm sick!" Cue lights and action! We managed to get Garrett to the bathroom in time and then settled him down with a bucket and towel and tried to get back to sleep.

3 am: The baby starts crying. I lay still in bed, my eyes closed, hoping he's just fussing and will settle down in a little bit. Then, I hear it - the telltale sound of a child being sick. Cue lights and action! I passed off the baby to Matt who got the fabulous job of cleaning him up. I got the fabulous job of stripping and remaking the crib and procuring clean, dry pajamas. Once we get Nathan settled down again, we hear Adam moaning in his sleep. I said to Matt "and he will be the next to hurl . . ." We settled back down into bed and I told Matt as we tried to grab whatever shards of sleep left to us that night, "The good news is - 50% of our children have now been sick and so we are halfway done." Adam manages to hold off until 2 minutes after Matt leaves for work at 6 am and right before I send Trent out the door for seminary. I'm starting to run out of buckets. I'm rummaging in my food storage for open cans. No one wanted the can that had had the minced dehydrated onions in it, because, and I quote "I don't like onions!" Whatever. All told, I got about 2 hours of sleep, Matt claims 2 and 1/2.

Last night Matt and I were both asleep before 10. No nocturnal visitors. Maybe we'll get lucky and there won't be a round 2. Maybe.

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