Friday, February 29, 2008

There's a Chocolate Ring Around my Bathtub!

Do not take your eyes off the little ones for even one second.

Obviously it is not enough to just be in the house with them.

Someone wanted chocolate milk. Someone wasn't willing to wait for or even ask mom. Someone got out a jug of milk and the large container of powdered chocolate milk mix. Someone took the large container of chocolate milk powder and dumped it all over the baby who happened to be playing happily in the middle of my pile of clean laundry at the time.

The older Someone - because No One copped to it - got sent to her room and baby ended up in the bath. The younger someone who may or may not have joined in the powdering of the baby is going through a streaking phase. I dress him several times a day before I just finally give up and just turn up the thermostat.

After lunch when I put the baby down for a nap, I gave his neck a nuzzle and found a very sweet spot behind his left ear. Tasted like chocolate . . .

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loribeth said...

Oh. My.

What a great scrapbook page you could make from those photos, lol. ; )