Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Invaders From the Planet SadieBug

Yesterday we were invaded. I am not quite sure how it happened, I turned my back for one second to change a poopy diaper and then there it was - an alien! Or at least, that is what she said she was, an alien. She had the antennae to prove it too.

The alien ran around the house causing all sorts of mischief as most aliens are wont to do. I had to be very careful not to become too inattentive or else this very opportunistic alien would find something to get into trouble with.

I had to stick my head in the dishwasher to find the model number so I could order a part to fix it with. While on the phone with the appliance store and trying to read the label which was applied sideways, the alien created a snowstorm! White shreds of toilet paper all over the livingroom. The boys were amazed -what a magical alien, an alien who can create white snowdrifts in the livingroom! They helped to turn the white stuff into even smaller shreds.

Little baby Nathan has been fighting an awful diaper rash for days and requires frequent baking soda baths to help soothe his poor offended skin. During bath time, the magical alien changed the color of the carpet - to glittery red gluey formerly green plush. This was after she created a special pool of hair creme for whatever alien rituals a creative alien such as herself would need a pool of hair creme to perform.

I found toys in the vaporizer in the baby's room. Most of the water from the vaporizer had mysteriously vanished from the holding tank and rematerialized in various areas, namely the top of the dresser and the floor. Sneaky alien. Apparently she needed parts for some alien invention too, because the cover to the tank and the vapor vent are now missing.

The alien joined us for dinner and enjoyed a hearty meal of Ratatouille and wild rice. She ate large helpings of tropical fruit salad. Afterward she performed gravity defying feats involving bouncing on the couch. The alien must have been too tired to return to whatever planet she came from because she fell asleep on the floor in the doorway to the little boys' bedroom.

This morning the alien woke up and must have returned home. When I put the boys in the van to make our Tuesday preschool run, the alien was gone and all I found was Sadie, sitting on the floor putting on her shoes.

She didn't even say goodbye . . .

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