Sunday, September 6, 2009

Look at these two sweet faces. Do they look like boys who would cause mischief and mayhem? Do they look like the kind that disaster ensues where-ever they may be about? All the kleenex on the floor behind them - that came from somewhere else.

Look closer. Seriously - would you buy a used car from these two booger-y boys? Would you dare turn your back for a few minutes to start a load in the wash and sort out a few loads?

If you did divert your attention from them for that short space of time, would you expect to find this once you were done with your brief task?

Ten packets of instant oatmeal and chocolate breakfast drink mix. They had started throwing the shoes from the shoe closet down the stairs too when I caught them. While I sucked the mess up with the rather unwilling vacuum cleaner - they started knocking over the pictures in my livingroom and shaking things off the top of the bookshelf.

If I told you I have named them the Destructo Twins because they have more than earned that title just this week - would you believe it?

1 comment:

loribeth said...

Oh. MY.

I hope you have the number of a good carpet cleaner??