Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

What would the 4th be without Fireworks? This year we had two extra kidlets at our house - our cousins, Gwynn and Sylvia, to share in the fun and fireworks!

Nathan: Hey mom! I'm gonna get a sparkler!

Gwynn likes Sparklers

Garrett likes Sparklers

The camera likes sparklers
(I was trying to get a picture of Gwynn,Sadie and Nathan enjoying their sparklers. Adam ran up with his sparkler right in front of the camera just as I snapped the picture. OOPS!
Guess I better take off the portrait setting!)

Daddy lighting more Sparklers

Next we had fun with Poppers. The kids LOVED them! I loved trying to get pictures of the kids in focus as they ran around flinging Poppers on the ground like crazy people. Guess I better figure out that setting on the camera too . . .

The kids loved the fireworks. Nathan and Adam really liked the spinners. Adam kept saying "Wow-ow!" and Nathan just laughed and laughed. I could NOT get a picture of the spinners to save my life - miserable blurry and half the time they shot out of the frame just as I snapped the picture. I did a little better with the fountains. Even then, those sparks come flying out so fast! This first one shot up really high - it was so cool! I tried to get pictures of our other fountain - it shot out different blobs of color and was really neat, but all my shots were a blurry mess. These were the best ones.

Happy 4th of July!

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Trinette McCrary said...

Aww, how fun!! Looks like you had a great 4th of July. We were water logged. I love the picture of the sparklers. I have great memories of sparklers when I was a kid.