Friday, July 10, 2009

15 Candles

When your oldest turns 15 and wants 15 candles on his cake - this is what you get:

Count 'em - 15! For those who are interested - the cake was Chocolate cherry. It kind of turned out a little strange - really really gooey, but tasted alright. Trent didn't seem to mind. He's trying to earn money for his band trip to Florida and DisneyWorld next year, so no presents to open. I did drop him and a friend off at the movie theatre to see the new Tran.sformers movie and he really enjoyed that. Already talking about driving and what kind of car he wants (Dodge Charger) Yeah - good luck with that!

For a blast from the past on this same topic (Trent) - click here.

(and yes, his birthday was last month, the 29th - but he was due in July, so no razzing!)

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Trinette McCrary said...

No way, 15? You sure you didn't get the year wrong-lol Happy birthday Trent, hmmm the cake did look interesting, but I'm sure it tasted great.