Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Revisited


I had to go to three different stores to find an important ingredient for the Chicken Scallopine with Artichokes & Spinach I wanted to make.

I came home to a birthday "surprise" waiting for me on the table:

Two cards and a frozen 21 lb turkey from my spouse. Apparently turning 40 is an occasion that calls for large bits of frozen poultry.

Dinner was divine - if I do say so myself, ask me for the recipe sometime.

The cake - carrot of course with cream cheese frosting, and lots of it. Instead of adding eggs and oil to the boxed mix, I used a can of pureed pumpkin instead, tossed in the requisite raisins and walnuts and one cup of water. Yum - very moist and less guilty feelings for the mile high cream cheese with low-fat cake.

Garrett said "wow, you are really old now mom." To which I smartly replied "One day, you will be as old as me." (as per suggestion) His reply? "Yes, but you'll probably be dead."

For post dinner festivities, my youngest threw up on me.

OH - and best of all, I get to go home to Colorado for a few days after Thanksgiving - Yippee!!

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