Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Better Late Than Never - Halloween 2008

I freely admit I am a wee bit tardy with the photos from Halloween. I could lay out some sob story tale of woe of sick kids with runny noses, car troubles and my own current state of disease - but, cute pictures of cute kids are always way more fun!

A pleasant respite from the costumes of last year - these Halloween offerings did not take near as much time nor trouble. Smartest thing I ever did was let go of the ideal that we needed a "theme". Wizard of Oz was fun last year, and the kids were darn cute - but trying to get all those costumes sewn left me feeling like I was being attacked by flying monkeys.

From youngest to oldest:


Originally going to be a frog. (Adam really likes "fwoggies") Perusal of listings on e.Bay for ideas uncovered incredible deal with free shipping on Zebra costume. Mom shouted "Sold!" and the postal service conveniently took care of the details. Cute and warm - the costume was both functional as well as fun. Nate took to candy quite handily. See picture below.


Pirate of the High Seas. His costume took the most effort. Shirt, vest, belt and pants were thrift store finds gleaned from the girls' section. Store bought hat and sword. His "buckle" shoes are actually dress shoes bought on clearance from Wal.mart. Also wearing Sadie's knee socks. Mom had to "cuff" pants (size 6 girls - let down the "cuff" afterward and Sadie has a pair of capris now - oh how I love 2 for 1's!). Shirt and vest had to be "cut down" to size. Basically I just cut the sleeves off, shortened the shirt; trimmed side seams and recut the arms. Sewed it back together and "voila!" one ruffly pirate shirt! The hat was also a bit goofy - so I just took it from a tricorne hat to a four corner style. (It fit and looked better)


A princess, of course! Recycled princess dress from Halloween's past. Made this dress for Jessica when she was about Sadie's age. Fabric recycled from awful pink bridesmaid dress and matched with clearance light weight decor fabric. Sparkly silver sandals and plastic "jewelry" and tiara complete the look.


Originally wanted to be a flying ninja monkey. Ummm, okay - mom's brain short circuiting with mental gyrations trying to figure that one out. Settled for Ninja Warrior. All I had to do was sew a tunic and come up with a sash. A black turtleneck and pants serve as good base; add a plastic sword and we're in business! By the time the trick or treating was done, the sword was snapped in two. I can't say I wasn't expecting that.


50's girl, Bobbie Soxer. This one was also easy. Thrift store sweater paired with poodle skirt made by mom's mom for high school play. (How much does this depress me that I use to be able to fit into that skirt? 27 inch waist people - 27 inches! sob I only had to adjust about an inch for Jess' 25.5 inch waist) Add a pair of white sneakers and of course, requisite bobbie socks and pearls; tie a scarf around pony tail. (Nathan was unhappy that Jess put him down and refused to stay out of the picture - so that is why there is a screaming zebra in the photo.)


Okay, Trent. Well, Trent didn't have a costume - so he was himself - or rather, a member of the pep band because he had to be at a football game Halloween night. I discovered some "self-portraits" when I downloaded the photos off the digital camera. Ummm - well, I will let you decide for yourself - I'm not sure what he is doing here.

Some Group Shots



loribeth said...

Too cute! -- I can't believe you MADE all those costumes (let alone tried to coordinate them all with a theme!!). They can come knocking on my door any Halloween!

Momtothreebabies said...

i have a pic of jessi wearing the dress that sadie has on! it was dylans first halloween and trent was a karate guy, jessi was wearing that dress and dylan was blue from blues clues!! cute!! miss you guys so much!
love jaelle