Saturday, May 17, 2008

Of Ticks, Chicks and Laundry

When the young boys in our house turn three they go through a rite of passage - the Father/Son Campout.

This year was Adam's first. He came home somewhat sunburned, extremely dirty, wearing the same clothes I sent him in and sporting no less than half a dozen ticks. He wolfed down an entire hot dog for dinner upon his return, took a bath and promptly fell asleep on the couch.

The girls and I look forward to this weekend with great anticipation. An evening of chocolate, cheesy popcorn, our various drink choices, staying up late and chick flicks! This year however, the FSC kicked off with a special fireside for the families after which us ladies enjoyed dutch oven desserts and then returned home while the men/boys stayed and camped. The campout was held on a farm about 45 minutes drive from home. As we made our windy way home in the dark, Jessi - who had been somewhat disappointed in not getting her chocolate or chick flick this year gave a sigh and said, "Just think mom, in two years Nathan will go and it really will just be us girls." I gave a smile in the dark just thinking about Matt trying to keep track of 4 boys running off in 4 different directions in the woods . . .

I am now going to spend the rest of the weekend steering clear of the laundry room.


judy said...

Yes, stay away from the LR!
Yuck I hate tics...

E_Sharp said...

Thanks for the comment!
Little things like camping or having a girls'night with your kids really tug at my heartstrings/ovaries.
Sounds like a good life you got there.:)