Saturday, May 31, 2008

C is for Cookie . . .

A - Adam enrolls in "Do it Yourself Home Haircuts 101"
B - Baby boogers
C - Children of Chaos
D - "Duh mommy, I didn't turn in my summer school form because I didn't want to!"
E - Every time I mop the floor, someone drops a big jug of ketchup on it
F - Find a shoe, lose a shoe; find a shoe, lose a shoe . . .
G - "Good grief Adam! What did you do to your hair??!!"
H - "Hi honey, I'm going to Kentucky again for a week . . ."
I - I know what you did in your diaper
J - Just when you thought it was safe to go in the laundry room
K - Killin' time with my Kirby
L - Little sisters are big pests - little brothers too
M - Many monkeys make mega messes
N - Never do for your mom for free what you can make your little brother do for a nickel
O - Open the door, let the naked three year old out and the doggy who pees on the floor in
P - Please don't stuff jelly beans up your nose
Q - Quick! does anyone know how to unclog a toilet stuffed with 3 rolls of toilet paper??
R - Remember to buy more toilet paper
S - Someone drew on the baby again
T - Ten ways to make Sadie scream and your mom mad
U - Under the couch is the best place to put all the stuff you were supposed to put away
V - Vacuumed up a nail - now Kirby's making weird noises and smells bad
W - Wonder why I'm tired?
X - x-ray Adam again and find more money
Y - Y me? You always make me do everything!
Z -Zippity do dah! Zippity Yay! It's time for bed!

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judy said...

I can not believe that we both have a preemie born on the same day.....we were meant to meet!
Love todays post