Monday, March 24, 2008


We celebrated Adam's 3rd birthday today instead of yesterday (his is the 23rd). We figured it would be more fun to have a day to himself, rather than split with Easter festivities. He had a bunny cake (carrot of course!) because this is the only time in his lifetime where his birthday will actually fall on Easter Sunday. (Something like 2160 before the next March 23rd Easter!) Pictures are always more fun - so here you go!

Lots of Presents!

Thanks Nathan!

I Like Books

Fun with my Presents

Just One More to Blow Out!

Post-Dinner Wrestling


judy said...

Happy Birthday to Adam!
Wow we do have similar experiences. I read through your baby baring challenges and it was amazingly like mine only I used zoloft every time for ppd.
It's nice to meet you,

Searching said...

Ooo, happy late birthday Adam! What a cute cake!!!

Thank you so much for nominating me. That was super sweet and perked up my crazy day. :)