Friday, January 15, 2010

Dear Driver waiting for my parking space at Walmart,

While I understand that parking and hoofing it in from the back 40 is a pain and time consuming (I have soooooooooooooo been there - dragging/carrying my juvenile posse along, with a 40 lb diaper bag, in the pouring rain), please note the capaciousness of my vehicle and shopping cart and observe that I have maxed out both in personnel and supplies. Based on that, I would think a less patient person would move along, taking his chances with another parking space; but since you are determined to park in the specific spot that I currently occupy, a little suggestion if I might? Unless you are prepared to either a) get out and help me load groceries or b) wrestle my toddler into his car seat as he seemingly sprouts 11 additional sets of arms/legs and commences screaming and kicking; accept that this is going to take some time.

And no, YOU DO NOT get to honk at me.

crazy lady with the plethora of kids and enough groceries for a platoon who is beginning to develop performance anxiety as the cars line up behind you


Trinette McCrary said...

That is crazy! People are soo rude sometimes!! Maybe it was a good thing they had to wait for you.

~Mark and Lydia Keppler~ said...

That is hilarious, and I know sorta what you mean only with less kids. I sometimes get the slow driver following me to my car, and just sits there as I unload. It is quite annoying which is why I don't usually move any faster than normal. I'm at my pace and that won't change because that guy wants a closer spot. lol