Monday, November 2, 2009

We Have Air and it Blows!!!

This is the blower motor I took out of my van. I had air/heat - it just didn't blow out into the vehicle and the windows being fogged up didn't help safe driving. Now it blows but good. For the record - changing a blower motor out is not really difficult, just a pain in the neck. (I would also add pain in the back, pain in the hip and I am pretty sure I threw my left shoulder out as well) Why you might ask? Because the blower motor is situated behind the glove box and underneath the dash. There is not a lot of room behind the glove box and underneath the dash. There is however, a lot of bolts you have to undo. Lots of bolts that require tools and tools that barely fit. The person operating the tools must also be able to fit up under the dash. That person must fight with the passenger seat, the dash and the passenger side door. This person is not a leprechaun. A leprechaun might fit, my two year old might have fit - me, not so much. I had to kneel on the ground beside the car and then twist/climb in backwards and headfirst. I'm sure the neighbors felt this a great treat to see me half hanging out of the car in our driveway. I'm sure they would have also enjoyed the few choice words I had to say about the accessibility (read: INaccessibility) of said blower motor. Once you have all the bolts out and the motor unplugged - the blower comes out quite easily, in fact, it falls out - which doesn't bode well if your face is directly underneath.

This is the mess that Nathan made while I was changing the blower motor. Jessi is relieved we are not having spaghetti for dinner tonight - she doesn't like spaghetti. Jessi likes Nathan. I like air that blows.

(And if I never, ever, ever have to do that job again - I will like it even better.)

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loribeth said...

I stand in awe of your mechanic skills. (Not to mention Nathan's neverending ability to create a mess while you are otherwise occupied...!)