Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sunday Special - March 29th

No kids this Special. They are tucked warmly into their beds. (and they better stay there and be quiet and go to sleep!!)

Jessica and I went to the Young Women General Broadcast tonight. We've had rain off and on for the last two days. (Coincidentally - the same two days that Matt and his scouts have been camping. My newly organized and cleaned laundry got clobbered with wet, campfire smelling stuff about 10 seconds after they walked in the door. **sigh**) While we were at the church the rain turned to this stuff:

Check out the size of some of those snowflakes! Heavy, heavy wet snow - the kind that makes a mucky mess and sprays up when you drive through it - just like hitting a puddle. Only, instead of putting up a spray of water, it's like getting hit with a heavy wall of slush.

Just hours earlier, I took pictures of this:

Those are my Bleeding Hearts - they've been enjoying the bit of rain and sunny, mild temps this week and came out in colorful profusion. Hope they like slushy snow.

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Trinette McCrary said...

We have been getting snow here too!! Love the flowers