Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sunday Special on Saturday - Super Star!

Posting this today because tomorrow, after church, I plan on hibernating for a very long time and may not get to it until Monday, and we all know what kind of issues that causes with my need for alliteration! My wedding sewing is done and I am off to take a shower, then head to the church to dress a bride. But, for all you anxiously awaiting the Sunday Special - a surprise for you early birdies.

Principal's Top 100 Super Stars. That's my girl! Her teacher nominated her as a Super Star Student. Jessi's teacher is just back this week after having had a baby last November. When the school called me to tell me of the nomination, they said that Jessi's teacher had been having a rough first week back and that she said Jessi had been a wonderful help to her - caring, helpful, happy and this helped to make the transition back a little easier. Of course, I am not surprised in the very least. :0) Is anyone else?

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Trinette McCrary said...

What a super star. I'm sure you feel proud.