Saturday, July 12, 2008

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie . . .

It started with a jug of milk and a little boy who wanted a drink. I try to economize my trips to the store and had stocked up with an adequate amount of milk to get us through the weekend, that is, until my 8 year old decided he needed a glass of milk. Make a mess - clean it up.

With a significant portion of our weekend milk on the kitchen floor, our milk supply quickly "dried up". Not to be deterred from a tall cold glass, they - meaning those milk drinkers in the house - turned to the jug of whole milk that the baby drinks. And then there was none . . .

So, off to the store we go!

Adam decided he wanted to go along with me. I often take a kid to the store with me as this is how I get one on one time with the kids. One on one time is not easy to come by in a houseful. I grumbled a bit as I had to strap in his car seat. Matt had taken all the van seats out for his latest project. I put one of the captain's chairs back in, latched it down. Grab a car seat - adjust the locking clip and strap that in. Now get the kid strapped in and I am now ready for a nap!

We had the best time. We wandered around the store - no hurry. We sampled; we browsed; we chatted. We found a ladybug. Adam is my little bug boy. He can find even the tiniest of insects and will squat and examine them - absolutely fascinated by this tiny legged creature skittering across the floor. While I don't share his particular fascination with these multi-legged life forms, I do however, find HIS fascination, fascinating! Adam was captivated by the ladybug. It crawled along his hand, along the shopping cart and eventually flew away. Though for a good fifteen minutes, Adam was entranced. There is something so engaging about the wonder of a child. My eyes have viewed the world for almost 40 years now and while I cannot say I have seen all it's many wonders, most things within my view I've seen before, many times. Yet, today, despite the hundreds of ladybugs I am sure I have seen over the years - this one was special, because it held captive the wonder of a little boy precious to me - he was amazed and I was in awe.

Something I have noticed about my boys - they are great company and have always been my bestest buds when they were little. Together they are loud and destructive, smelly and messy. Seperate them from the pack and they are delightful company, engaging and intelligent, loving and sweet.

So, for a jug of milk, I had a lovely hour and a half with an engaging little man.

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