Friday, April 25, 2008

Holy Cradle Robbers Batman!

Sixteen years today.

Exciting plans to celebrate? Well, the words "Lowe's" and "landscaping stuff" came up. Hmmmmm - I can see we have need to continue working on that. I am pretty certain the 16th Anniversary is not the Home & Garden Anniversary.

Him: "Look honey - I got you an econo pack of lawn and leaf bags!" Me: "Oh you romantic devil you!"

Yeah, definitely need to work on that . . . :0)


loribeth said...

Well, weren't you the cutest bride & groom?? (Still are, right?!) Happy anniversary!

judy said...

What a nice picture. The gift just so so.

Indy mom of 3 said...

Happy Anniversary! Too bad it cost so much to fill your car :(

Momma Mary said...

We always exchange shower curtains at Christmas. :) It's fun. The picture is very cute!

Thanks for the comment!