Friday, January 11, 2008

Total: Totally Totaled - We're not in Kansas Anymore!

Did you know Collision Centers have a "Body Manager"? Sounds a bit sleazier than it really is. Apparantly this is the person the dealership needs to operate the fax machine. Yes, the fax machine. After taking 11 days to work up the estimate, they couldn't fax the estimate to the Claims Center for our insurance company for another 11 days because, wait for it - they didn't have a "Body Manager" to do it. Much calls and frustration later, we finally just sent a field agent out to do in less than 36 hours what the dealership could not manage in more than 3 weeks.

However, it works out okay. They say the van is a total loss despite Sadie's one of a kind artwork making it a collector's piece. All the damage is restricted to the front end and mostly body. (Maybe that is why they needed the "Body Manager"? I just love saying that, and especially adding the quotes too - "Body Manager"). Slap a new radiator on the thing, add a clutch fan and duct tape the headlights back into place and we could be back on the road. Though - there may be laws governing how much duct tape you can use to hold your vehicle together. Do you think that limit is by weight or length? Hmmmmmmmmm . . .

Anywho - the really truly silly part of all this is, even after the deductible and the salvage fee that we have to pay back to the Insurance Company, we have enough to fix the silly van and continue driving it, and maybe even get a few other things fixed too. The Insurance Company had they decided to fix it instead of total it, could have come out $500 ahead of where they did the other way. Silly agents . . . brains are for "Body Managers"! Actually, we think it is all a part of a conspiracy theory to get us to buy a new car. New car = higher premiums.

Randy at the dealership is now my new best friend. He actually gave me a date when work would commence on the van and promised me a loaner on Monday. We'll see if he follows through. I wonder if he knows how to use a fax machine . ..

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